10 year glass wafifianty

Comfort at Home

Our most accessible variant. If the management of light and heat is not critical, this solution gives you the most cost effective blend of insulation, energy efficiency and winter comfort.

You only fit double glazing once – make sure it’s the best!

Over 115 years have gone into perfecting our:

  • Raw materials
  • Quality glass
  • Equipment that we have invested in
  • Expert manufacturing process
  • Quality assurance
  • Expert knowledge
  • Skilled resources
  • Warranties
  • Technical support
  • Glass traceability
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Daylight Comfort

Environment that is filled with natrual Light

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Winter Comfort

Environment that is warm in the winter seasion

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Summer Comfort

Environment that is cool in summer

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Energy Savings

Environment that is peaceful and tranquil

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Light Transmission 80%
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U-Value (COG) 2.7 W/m2K
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Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficient 0.75
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Relative Heat Gain 565 W/m2


  • Frameless doors
  • Bolted assemblies
  • Sliding or patio doors
  • Balcony enclosures
  • Shower doors and bath enclosures
  • Barriers e.g. pool fencing
  • Balustrades
  • Table tops
  • Squash courts (approved by the World Squash Federation)


PG SmartGlass X2tm is available in any performance glass configuration.

10 Year Glass Warranty

PG SmartGlassX2tm comes with a 10-year glass warranty. Insist on an PG X2 warranty that covers product defects - refer to the terms & conditions on our website.


  • PG X2 Technical® SPEC SHEET

    See how our double glazing solutions saving you energy and help reduce costs.

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Custom Solutions

Should your needs be met by our PG SmartGlassX2 solutions, we are able to custom make a glass solution for you using our Double Glazing range.

virtually any performance glass can be used in the manufacture of double glazed units.

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Home Comfort all year round

Double Glazing. Choose the world you want by selecting one of PG’s glass Double Glazing solutions which are manufactured by south Africa’s leading manufacturer & supplier of building leading glass products. All double glazed units are made with precision and care using PG’s results all year round - winter & summer!

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10 Year Glass Warranty

PG SmartGlassX2 comes with a 10 year glass warranty. Insist on an PS X2tm warranty that covers product defects.


Try our Energy Calculator to estimate the energy savings you can expect when using solutions from PG Building Glass.


We have accredited more than 40 partners of PG SmartGlass Solutions. Contact us for a partner nearest to you.